Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics documents

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This page contains documents about the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics that U.S. Right to Know obtained through public records requests. Below are documents we received in PDF format.

We used these documents to prepare our study in Public Health Nutrition, titled The corporate capture of the nutrition profession in the USA: the case of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Note to readers: many of the interesting documents are in the attachments, which are visible in programs like Adobe Acrobat Reader, but not in Apple Preview.

Final batches
Final batch 1 part 1
Final batch 1 part 2
Final batch 1 part 3
Final batch 2 part 1
Final batch 2 part 2
Final batch 2 part 3
Final batch 2 part 4
Final batch 2 part 5
Final batch 3 part 1
Final batch 3 part 2
Final batch 3 part 3
Final batch 3 part 4
Final batch 3 part 5
Final batch 4 part 1
Final batch 4 part 2
Final batch 4 part 3
Final batch 4 part 4
Final batch 4 part 5
Final batch Abbott part 1
Final batch Abbott part 2
Final batch Abbott part 3
Final batch American Beverage Association
Final batch Coca-Cola
Final batch Heartland
Final batch IngredionFinal batch PepsiCo
Final batch Splenda
Final batch Tate & Lyle

Initial batches
Initial batch 1 part 1
Initial batch 1 part 2
Initial batch 1 part 3
Initial batch 1 part 4
Initial batch 2 part 1
Initial batch 2 part 2
Initial batch 2 part 3
Initial batch 2 part 4
Initial batch 2 part 5
Initial batch 2 part 6
Initial batch 2 part 7
Initial batch 3
Initial batch Ameribev
Initial batch Ingredion
Initial batch PepsiCo 1
Initial batch PepsiCo 2
Initial batch Splenda

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