Institutional Biosafety Commmittee (IBC) Meeting Minutes

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U.S. Right to Know has obtained the following Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) meeting minutes though freedom of information requests.

IBCs review an institution’s protocols for working with potentially harmful biological agents, including pathogenic microorganisms, and provide biosafety recommendations for conducting the research. The IBC’s role is to review safety protocols; issue biosafety and protocol recommendations, including the appropriate biosafety level containment in which the research should be conducted; and assess risks to research personnel, the surrounding community, and to the public. USRTK collects and publishes IBC meeting minutes to increase the transparency of biohazard research and associated risks.

This page is a work in progress.  We will update it as we receive more IBC meeting minutes.

Rocky Mountain Laboratories (RML) IBC Meeting minutes
Batch #1 (12.30.21) (43 pages)

Washington State University (WSU) IBC Meeting minutes
Batch #4 (12.30.21) (149 pages)
Batch #3 (12.30.21) (160 pages)
Batch #2 (12.30.21) (127 pages)
Batch #1 (12.30.21) (111 pages)

University of California, Davis (UC Davis) IBC Meeting minutes
Batch #6  2017 (12.30.21) (86 pages)
Batch #5  2016 (12.30.21) (97 pages)
Batch #4   2015 (12.30.21) (102 pages)
Batch #3   2014 (12.30.21) (202 pages)
Batch #2   2013 (12.30.21) (110 pages)
Batch #1   2005 (12.30.21) (23 pages)