Russell Brand interview with Stacy Malkan

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Russell Brand, the influential comedian, actor and podcaster, featured the work of U.S. Right to Know today in his live show, Stay Free with Russell Brand.

You can watch Russell’s interview with our co-founder Stacy Malkan on Rumble. It starts at about 38 minutes in. Here’s the direct link to Rumble.

Stacy discussed USRTK’s investigation into the pesticide industry and what internal corporate documents reveal about how Monsanto (now Bayer) ran its science denial and disinformation campaign to defend glyphosate-based Roundup weed killers. Shereports on these documents in our Merchants of Poison report, written in collaboration with Kendra Klein, PhD, and Anna Lappé.

They also discussed Stacy’s reporting on Bill Gates and the Gates Foundation’s push to expand chemical-intensive industrial agriculture in Africa over the objections of African farmers’ groups and food sovereignty movements. For more information:

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