Coronavirus Food News Tracker: Best articles on the pandemic and our food system

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U.S. Right to Know is tracking important food-related news about the coronavirus pandemic in this post — including data on obesity and other food-related diseases, risks to farmworkers and food workers, food supply and security issues, the role of factory farming in pandemics like the coronavirus and food systems analysis. To receive weekly updates about our food system and breaking news from the U.S. Right to Know investigations, please sign up for our newsletter.

See also our reporting and related post tracking studies and reporting on the disproportionate impact of Covid-19 on blacks and Latinos, and how junk food manufacturers specifically and disproportionately target communities of color.

Most recent articles

Obesity and Coronavirus

Eating Ultra-processed Food Increases Likelihood of Dying from Coronavirus

Inequalities In Our Food System 

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Risks Facing Farmworkers and Food Workers

Food Supply and Security  

On the Role of Factory Farming and Agriculture in Pandemics Like Covid-19

Toxic Chemicals and Coronavirus

Food System Analysis

Food Safety

Junk Food Resurgence

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