Help us uncover the truth about our food.

Are you a food industry, political, legislative or regulatory insider? Do you have information:

— about food, restaurant, agrichemical or agribusiness companies?

— or their public relations or lobbying efforts?

— in Congress, the USDA or FDA, regarding food laws and regulations?

— in food industry associations like the Grocery Manufacturers Association?

— about food or food products that are unhealthy or unsafe?

— about political corruption related to food issues?

We want to hear from you. All tips, suggestions, ideas and documents are greatly appreciated. We pledge to keep all anonymous sources completely secret.

How to send us tips, documents or information:

Via email:
[email protected]

Via encrypted email:
[email protected]

Via phone:
(415) 944-7350

Via encrypted text:
Use What’sApp to text or call (202) 997-7864

By postal mail:
U.S. Right to Know
4096 Piedmont Ave. #963
Oakland, CA 94611-5221

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