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Marketing to Children

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The enormously powerful influence of Big Food and its marketing campaigns are leading young Americans to unhealthy food choices, obesity and type 2 diabetes. They may or may not listen to their parents, but every day they are exposed to countless clever and seductive commercials and other forms of manipulative advertising.

It is time for food company executives to stop subverting parents’ efforts to help their children to grow up strong, bright and healthy.

Advertising to children is inherently deceptive, because children do not have the capacity or experience to understand the persuasive forces deployed against them.

We cannot have a healthy nation that is a free-fire zone for brand bombing and other types of marketing of junk food to children. There will have to be limits on advertising and marketing of unsafe foods to children.

We stand up for the traditional rights of parents to limit the noxious influences on their children, including junk food advertising.

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