Pepsi’s Protest Ad Is Just One Example of Big Soda’s Hidden Hypocrisy

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Alex Swerdloff, Vice Munchies, April 6, 2017

Move over, Kendall—Big Soda really does fund fake protests nationwide.

Following several days of public smackdown, Pepsi has announced that it has pulled the ad it released on Tuesday. Yes, that ad, the one that featured Kendall Jenner teaching us that in order to make peace with riot police during curiously cheerful acts of civil disobedience, all one needs to do—or, at least, all a fabulously wealthy white supermodel needs to do—is offer the cops a smile and a refreshing can of Pepsi.

The tone-deaf ad centered on a mock protest involving attractive Millennials, holding toothless signs, gathering for some nondescript purpose—although given that the actors are almost painfully multicultural, we’re encouraged to ask: Is this a Black Lives Matter rally? An anti-Trump immigration protest? A women’s rights march?

None of the above, of course. It’s a Pepsi ad, co-opting social justice causes to sell soda.

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