Statement from Carey Gillam on Monsanto Roundup Cancer Verdict

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News Release

For immediate release: Friday, August 10, 2018
For more information contact: Carey Gillam (913) 526-6190 or  [email protected]

Comment from Carey Gillam, Research Director of U.S. Right to Know and author of the award-winning book that details Monsanto’s manipulation of the science surrounding its herbicide products:

“Monsanto and its chemical industry allies have spent decades actively working to confuse and deceive consumers, farmers, regulators and lawmakers about the risks associated with glyphosate-based herbicides. As they’ve suppressed the risks, they’ve trumpeted the rewards and pushed use of this weed killer to historically high levels. The evidence that has come to light from Monsanto’s own internal documents, combined with data and documents from regulatory agencies, could not be more clear: It is time for public officials across the globe to act to protect public health and not corporate profits.”

Carey Gillam is a journalist and author , and winner of the Society of Environmental Journalists 2018 Rachel Carson Book Award. She also is a public interest researcher for US Right to Know , a not-for-profit food industry research group.


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