Natasha Gilbert, Investigative Journalist

Natasha Gilbert is an investigative journalist reporting for US Right to Know. She has investigated manganese pollution in drinking water and the lengths industry will go to delay regulation which was co-published by Public Health Watch and Grist. She has also uncovered prescription drug factories polluting waterways which was published by Type Investigations and STAT. Other work she is proud of includes a piece uncovering chemical companies sidestepping European safety laws, controversies around the impacts of deep-sea mining and the biodiversity crisis.

Her work has been supported by the Fund for Investigative journalism and the European Journalism Center. She was a staff reporter for Nature from 2008-2014 where she covered biodiversity, the environment, and European research policy. She is a native Londoner living in Washington DC.

You can read more of her work at:
You can contact her at: [email protected]
Signal: @ngreports.30

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