Ever Wonder How Coca-Cola Influences Health Policy? Here Are the Documents

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Dan Nosowitz, Modern Farmer, February 13, 2019

Nearly five years after an attempt to ban gigantic soda portions in New York City was finally destroyed, soda is still in the news. San Francisco recently tried (and failed) to place health warnings on soda. Legislators in Connecticut are trying to block soda from being listed on children’s menus in restaurants.

A new release from US Right to Know, an NGO targeting food transparency and perhaps best known for its quest for GMO labels on food, sheds some light into the behind-the-scenes machinations of the soda battle. USRTK sent in dozens of Freedom of Information Act, or FOIA, requests; these compel the government to hand over documents, as long as a few basic criteria (like not interfering with national security) are met.

USRTK’s requests were specifically targeted at communications between Coca-Cola and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (usually known as the CDC; the “prevention” part was added later and nobody feels like changing the acronym). They found essentially what you might expect, providing that you’re a cynic who assumes that all corporations are destructive.

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