Did Monsanto Know Its Weed Killer Could Be Deadly to People?

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Stuart Braun, dw.com, August 17, 2018

After a gardener was awarded $289 million for cancer he said was a result of exposure to Roundup weed killer, Monsanto still denies the health risks of glyphosate — in everything from kids’ cereal to the air we breathe.

It’s been a tough week for agrochemical giant Monsanto and its flagship weed killer, Roundup.

In a landmark court case, Monsanto — which was acquired by German Bayer AG in June — was told to pay nearly $290 million (€255 million) in damages to 46-year-old Dewayne Johnson, a California-based groundskeeper who claimed he had become terminally ill with non-Hodgkin lymphoma cancer due to exposure to Roundup and active ingredient glyphosate.

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