Bill Gates: Can We Have an Honest Conversation about GMOs?

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Stacy Malkan, The Ecologist, March 8, 2016

The food industry’s fight to stop Vermont from labeling genetically engineered foods isheading to the floorof the US Senate.

And the spotlight on labeling is underscoring the need for our country to have a more honest conversation about GMOs.

Two recent videos illuminate the deep divide between the stories we hear from opponents and proponents of the controversial food technology.

In the first video, the Wall Street Journal‘s Rebecca Blumenstein interviewed Bill Gates about his views on the topic. Gates explained:

“What are called GMOs are done by changing the genes of the plant, and it’s done in a way where there’s a very thorough safety procedure, and it’s pretty incredible because it reduces the amount of pesticide you need, raises productivity (and) can help with malnutrition by getting vitamin fortification.

“And so I think, for Africa, this is going to make a huge difference, particularly as they face climate change … “

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